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About us

About our new site

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Originally designed to provide the author’s students with a resource reference point that the university library didn’t have, it has grown into a site that many university “sports” students now access and many academics now recommend (and link to from their module guides and university intranets) for similar reasons.

One of the problems with many “ sport development” resources is that they are deleted from “official” websites when the policy changes, is updated or becomes aged and whilst this is understandable it offers little in the way of educational value to students whose education sometimes relies on historical deconstructions of current policies and the academic arguments that underpin them.

This site is dedicated to archiving policy and research documents so that students can retain access to them without such documents becoming “dog-eared” or deleted from libraries or websites. It is also designed to provide a distance learning and continued professional development resource for practitioners.

We are, and continue to be, indebted to authors and copyright owners of the documents we hold for not complaining of the retention and critiques of their works and thank them for recognising the educational spirit of the site - recognising the value of their contribution to the development of the profession (irrespective of any critiques offered).

So from 2002 as a CD, to a static website where links were manually included in 2004 to a dynamic website in 2009 (where content is automatically related) to a new and improved server in 2012 that can deal with the increased traffic to the site; you may imagine then that I am a bit of a website guru.....; nothing could be further from reality!, Anyone can do this, probably better than me!, nothing other than a will to learn, make mistakes and learn again. All this site represents is a wider access to the things I read and share with students. So have I read all on the website; well yes I have!, some I understand some I may never understand.


The site is owned and edited by Jon Cryer.


"As editor of I am continually surprised by the attention that the site gets; the site is just for student education, archiving those documents often lost when policy changes or those that continue to important despite changes in British sports policy. As an academic I am not alone and not without support from those with similar aspirations for the recording of sport and social policy through time. I am grateful to both Prof Mike Collins and Prof Andy Parker and, both constant sources of inspiration and both in slightly different ways, to me at least, beacons of sunshine on even my most miserable of days. We have boxes of archive still to go on the site, harvested from various places as well as those things that are new.... but I remain grateful to all our contributors, which reads like a who's who from sport academia;

Yet most of all, is my gratitude to Dr Andy Pitchford, now Director of Sport at the University of Gloucestershire who was my initial mentor and is a long-time friend, my often and increasingly worst critic and (very these days) an occasional a supporter of my work; to him and his intellectual quality and vision this website is dedicated, since without his encouragement this resource would not exist."

For more work from JC see


What others say about us

 Higher Education Academy

" The heart of the site is the document library where you can download 100’s of sports development documents both past and present spanning 45 years. The site has also provided some new short and accessible ‘Ruff guides’ for students, and staff introducing topic areas written by leading researchers.

This website is produced by an academic and is invaluable for students at all levels. The site provides a useful starting point for both, academics who already teach modules in sports development, as well as those new to the topic. There are useful links to a range of useful resources. The site has been totally rewritten and upgraded and has become the invaluable resource for all students studying Sports Development.

It is fast becoming the first place students and staff researching the subject area go for information. Excellent new ‘Ruff guides’ to the subject area have been provided."   June 2009




"This useful site is aimed at students studying sport development at degree level as well as professional sport development officers working in the industry. Coverage includes definitions of sport development, newsletters, a whats new section and details of Higher Education courses. It gathers together information on and links to full text documents on government policy, sport and community, inclusion and sport development, school sport development, and sport and youth crime. These are in PDF format and can be downloaded using Adobe Acrobat software. Links to sites of related interest are also included."   Editors Choice

Intute was Altis and is created by a core team of information specialists and subject experts based at the University of Birmingham & Manchester


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